This is a free mental health journal & tracker I created in Notion to make it easier to track your mental and emotional state on a daily basis. It's based on the DIY bullet journal trackers that have become so popular in the past few years.

Spend five to ten minutes each day evaluating how you're feeling so you can document it in a daily journal entry. You can focus on different aspects of your journal by using the four views I added, or by adding your own customizations.

If you're new to Notion, their documentation would be a good place to start. Keep in mind that it's free to use for most personal use cases, including this journal template.

To create a new journal entry, hover over the data table containing your posts, and click on the arrow portion of the blue 'New' button that appears. Click on the 'Daily Journal Entry' option to create a new post based on that template, or click the meatballs menu to edit that template. You can also create additional post templates with the '+ New Template' menu item.

This mental health journal template includes four views:

  1. A 'Full Journal' view that shows a compact summary of all of your journal entries in a data table format, with all entry fields visible.
  2. An 'Emotional Snapshot' view that visualizes your journal entries as thumbnails using your uploaded daily photos. It summarizes your emotional state over time at a high level.
  3. A 'Habit Tracker' view that shows a compact summary of the behaviors and activities you're tracking in a data table format.
  4. A 'Gratitude Journal' view that focuses solely on what you're grateful for, as well as what you struggled with during each day.

When expanded, each journal entry also features a free-form section where you can write about your day, as well as a place for you to write a positive affirmation. The free-form section can also include many other types of content, including videos, embedded content, and so much more.

You're welcome to copy this journal template and either use it as-is, or modify it to suit your needs. If you feel overwhelmed by the number of journal items you have to fill out in an entry, don't hesitate to remove whatever isn't relevant to your journaling goals.

How I Made This Template

This journal template is inspired and strongly informed by Dan Shipper's write-up on Notion expert Marie Poulin, "How to Run Your Life Inside Notion." If you'd like to implement a larger personal organization system, Marie Poulin exemplifies the heights to which you can take it, and I highly recommend you look into how she does it.

The (shortened) list of emotions included as options in the '✌️ My Day In 2 Words' journal field comes from psychologist Jonice Webb's website. It seemed like overkill to include every emotion in that list so I tried to pare it down.